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Paul Medina

October 4, 2022


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Choices Flooring Case Study

The Client: Choices Flooring Australia & New Zealand

Objective: Leads such as Quotes, Calls, Store Visits & Emails

Choices Flooring is arguably one of Australasia’s most forward-thinking retail floor coverings groups and is a dominant presence in the Australian retail sector. Having started from a humble beginning, Choices Flooring began as a select group of Victorian furniture retailers looking to increase the effectiveness of their business when facing increasing competition from larger franchises and organisations. In turn, the association Newfurn Floor Coverings Ltd was created. In 1993, just 30 years later, their new brand Carpet Choice was launched, and since this brand has been updated, Choices Flooring has150 stores across Australia and more recently launched into the New Zealand market with five stores.

The company helps to design a whole host of interior spaces for customers, and the many elements this entails. Having embraced the latest developments in interior product design and materials from flooring to blinds, Choices Flooring’s newest store layouts incorporate the latest touch-screen technologies. Customers can see first-hand how products will look using the company’s RoomView service on their phones, tablet or computer.

The Problem

‘We were looking to increase our online leads and online and offline measurable conversions, given the investment we were allocating to our digital presence, and also wanted to improve the accuracy of our analytics to share with the stores’

‘And with the emphasis on online local area marketing, we wanted to develop a better way in which the share of the national Google Adwords budget was being spent amongst our metropolitan and regional stores.

Ingrid Powell, Digital Manager of Choices Flooring States.

The Solution

Click Squad started working with Choices Flooring on March 7, 2020, and since then, they have seen impressive changes and results. First and foremost, we restructured their Google Ads campaigns, siloing them by populations and regions and segmenting them by product types, such as flooring and blinds.

We also turned off non-measurable conversion goals, which were over-inflating conversion rates. Instead, we have focused on only recording conversions representing a more concrete lead with greater ROI potential, including free measure & quotes, phone calls, emails and store visits. Since doing so, we have reduced the cost per click from $1.30 to $1.06, around a 20% reduction. We also came to a concrete cost per conversion which has never been measured before by location, this allowed us to focus on specific areas that had low conversions and high cost per conversion. We also did a competitor analysis and found some keyword opportunities that Choices Flooring was not bidding on.

In June, there were over 2,000 calls from Google Ads to Choices Flooring stores. This works out at a 7x increase in the number of calls to their stores over the past four months in comparison to the marketing activity of the previous SEM consultant. There has also been nearly a 100% increase in click conversions since March 7, 2020, when we started working with Choices Flooring.

Choices Flooring has been extremely satisfied with the action taken by Click Squad, and is very happy with the resulting improvements to their business.
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