Landing Pages

Delivering high-quality leads to a specific, and desired, destination.

There is little more infuriating than clicking a link to find out more about a specific product or service - only to be directed to a generic home or category page. This can often lead to potential clients leaving the website and trying elsewhere.

To avoid such frustrations, our talented team can create a series of superbly-targeted landing pages. These immediately engage the visitor, because they are continuing to tell the specific story started in the content which they have clicked through from.

Landing pages can be targeted to complete the sale of a product. Or to gain the contact information you require to begin a valuable conversation with a potential client. They can even be created to answer a key question asked elsewhere. Landing pages can also be targeted to key geographical locations, such as a city suburb, to emphasise a local service available to those requiring it.

Landing pages help to retain and develop a potential customer's interest and clearly focus their mind on the action you wish them to take. To find out what they can add to your web presence, and bring to your business, talk to our Click Squad now.

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