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Paul Medina

February 23, 2021


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2021 Voice Search Stats That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

Into the year 2021, the internet continues to evolve. Voice search is a massive part of that evolution. Now, more than ever, business owners and marketing teams alike have to prepare their search engine optimisation to accommodate voice searches.


Humans have a tendency to do what’s easy, and voice searches are definitely easy. Alexa, Siri, and Google are available for us to simply speak a search term into our device and then we see search engine results.


When search options are available by simply speaking a sentence, it’s only logical that the popularity concerning this option will grow. The bottom line is that voice searches are changing the marketing game, and there are plenty of readily available statistics concerning voice search that will encourage you to switch up your marketing strategy right away.


Voice Search Statistics for 2021

Since it’s become so clear that voice search isn’t going anywhere, it’s important that we seriously consider making it a substantial part of our SEO campaigns, no matter the niche of the business. There is quite a bit of data that will backup the fact that voice search may just be the next big thing in the world of digital marketing.


  1. Only browsers account for more mobile searches than voice searches. Basically, this means that browsers are the main location for typing in a search inquiry when there’s time, and not something that most people do when they’re on the go. Since most people are typically moving throughout their day, voice searches are skyrocketing. (Search Engine Land)
  2. More than 52% of people perform internet searches when they’re driving. Typically, they’re looking for a place to eat, stop for gas, or directions. Obviously, we can’t successfully or safely type a search while driving, so voice search is the best option. (Social Media Today)
  3. On average, more men than women use voice search on a monthly basis. This statistic gives wonderful insight for businesses that primarily target men, because you might have a better idea of how to target and market your ad campaigns, keywords, and social channels. (Social Media Today)
  4. A study conducted by Uberall regarding the readiness of companies to comply with user voice searches revealed that around 21% of respondents were using voice search, and that number is set to grow over time. (Search Engine Watch)
  5. More than 50% of consumers are using voice search to compare products. This is huge, because companies will have to recognize, on an individual basis, their competition and what businesses they are most likely to be compared to. Massive competitor research will be required here, and it’s imperative to involve a professional marketing team to take care of this particular aspect, if not all. (Social Media Today)
  6. On average, voice search results contain only 29 words! This is quite a bit to take into consideration when it comes to your ad campaigns and the meta descriptions for your website and landing pages. The best place to start is with the competition. Find out what they’re doing, and more importantly, what works for them, and move forward accordingly. (Backlinko)


Honestly, the statistics for voice searches could fill a book, and most of them are in extreme favor of marketing teams utilizing them as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


Benefits of Employing Voice Search in 2021

Typically, statistics speak for themselves, but it’s still desirable for those wondering how optimising their ad campaigns for voice search results to see how it will benefit them. In reality, voice search is becoming more advanced than it ever has before.


Bring a Greater Understanding of Your Audience

Optimising for voice search will bring you a better understanding of your audience and the way they use their devices. When market research is performed properly, you’ll have a grasp of audience behavior, how they typically speak, and from there, you’ll be able to target them for voice searches.


Gain Insight Into Conversational Keywords

Conversational keywords is a term that you’re likely to hear more and more often and voice searches continue to dominate user inquiries. Conversational keywords, both with one term and longtail, are likely to be much more relaxed than your typical keyword.


Marketing teams will have to go about voice search keywords by taking into consideration the way people, their target audience and demographic specifically, speak. This is difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have knowledge that will blow your competitors out of the water.


Bring in a Wider Audience

It goes without saying that appealing to a wider audience comes with the use of expanding the keywords that you’re using. If you can successfully implement both, then you’ve absolutely got a leg up on the competition. You’ll bring in more business, because essentially, you’re showing up in more search results.


There is nothing but good to come out of properly employing voice search and conversational keywords for your business. However, it’s crucial to your campaign to do so correctly to gain the most efficiency and insight.


Have the Advantage of Creating Targeted Content

When you know which voice search words to use, you can create content around those keywords to draw your audience in and give credibility to your product and services, as long as the content is of quality and beneficial to the reader, of course. Content that revolves around your conversational keywords will be essential to your new marketing strategy.


Moving Forward with Voice Search

Voice search gives your company the opportunity to move forward, and take a huge step into the future of your company. Because implementing voice search and conversational keywords into your current SEO strategy can be challenging, we highly recommend hiring a team of professionals.


At ClickSquad, we are more than familiar with the benefits of companies taking full advantage of voice search. We know the best way to go about conducting research tailored to your company so we can ensure we hit the right target from a keyword and audience perspective. Call us today to get started!

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