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Paul Medina

October 4, 2020


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3 Key Locations Facebook Ads Should be Taking Leads

Facebook Ads harbour incredible potential to drive targeted traffic to your website, as long as you utilize them correctly. Far too many businesses set out to launch a Facebook Ad campaign without a plan.

Any ad campaign without direction rarely turns out successful. When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are key locations in which business owners and digital marketing teams should be sending leads.

The Importance of Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to successful digital marketing. When outlining a Facebook Ad campaign, landing pages should be a significant part it.

Landing pages are marketing tools that most company websites employ, that have the sole purpose of capturing leads and driving conversions. Landing pages are often the result of clicking on a PPC or paid ad, but they can be instrumental when used in a Facebook Ad campaign.

Creating a campaign based around landing pages means that you can take the leads that click on your ad to a location specifically meant to convert them. Remember, Facebook Ads should lead to actionable and streamlined purchasing paths.

Every step that your Facebook Ad campaign takes your consumer through should be brutally intentional. Understand what they want to see, buy, and feel, and then take them along that path.

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Each Ad Campaign Should Lead to a Different Landing Page

It’s not practical to spend time creating different Facebook Ad campaigns that lead to the same page. When you have a variety of ads that point to your homepage, you’re not making the most of your leads.

Every ad campaign that you launch via Facebook should take leads to a different location. In addition to that, the same ad campaign can lead individually targeted audiences to the landing pages that suit them. These marketing tactics take a bit of business research, but it’s always well worth the work.

The best thing about Facebook Ads is how easy it is to tailor them to specific audiences. They’re a fantastic advertising tool, as long as you know who your target audience is. Here are a few places to direct your Facebook Ad leads, that typically have a high conversion rate when accurately marketed.

Create a Facebook Lead Ad

Come up with some fantastic copy and put together a landing page to collect leads. Generating an email list will be the sole purpose of this page. This particular landing page can feature a contact form or an invitation to subscribe.

You can make your audience relatively broad when you’re asking for customer information to gain subscribers for your email list, but don’t ask Facebook to show your ad to an audience that may be irrelevant. There’s no point in wasting money.

Create a Facebook Lead Ad

Regulating Facebook Leads to a CTA Page

Many established companies, such as Daily Harvest and Casper Mattress, have Facebook Ad campaigns that take their targeted audience directly to a landing page that features a Call to Action. There is no other purpose for this type of landing page other than to give a brief, to-the-point explanation of why the consumer needs the product and asking them to buy it.

A landing page that has a CTA front and centre is bold, but it’s a proven digital marketing tactic that works. Always be sure to provide a phone number or contact email for potential customers to ask questions, and make your CTA button clear.

Most businesses label their CTA buttons with the term “Shop Now” but you can do whatever flows with your brand voice. After all, brand consistency is critical.

Design a Landing Page Around Customer Testimonials

Your product or service is terrific, so don’t hesitate to show it off! Design a landing page that shows potential clients how happy others were with past purchases and service experience.

Allowing them to outline their positive experience, and then showcasing it for leads to see is a wonderful conversion tool. It will enable your current customer base to reassure your new ones that your product is well worth the price point.

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Direct Leads from Facebook Ads to a Special Offers Page

Nothing gains awareness like an incredible special offer. When you use Facebook Ads, you can create an ad campaign that leads to a particular offer page, and give that campaign the audience you prefer.

Special offers, discounts, and free items are attention grabbers. Advertise the best bargain you’ve got to offer in your ad set, and allow consumers to click through to your landing page.

Highlight your best services and products, advertise what they typically cost, and the new price below, so buyers know exactly what they’re saving. Everyone loves a deal.

Showcase a Landing Page that Solves a Problem

Consumers purchase products for a few reasons, but none are more influential than emotional attachment and believing a product will solve their problem. When your potential customers find themselves at your landing page, please give them a headline that tells them why your product or service will make their lives easier.

Put it out there, and make sure it’s the first thing they see. Choose imagery that is relevant to your headline. From there, create a CTA, a “Shop Now” button or a contact form.

Make Your Traffic Count

It’s crucial to make the most of every person that clicks through your ad to your landing pages. Show them what you’ve got to offer, which is so much more than your homepage.

Put your products and services front and centre. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count, and turn that click into a conversion.

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