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Paul Medina

October 27, 2020


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A New Boost to Your Digital Marketing Strategy: LinkedIn Stories

It’s no secret that LinkedIn provides plenty of fantastic networking opportunities. The platform is a wonderful way to connect with millions of people and continues to rival the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat in popularity, even though it existed long before them.

LinkedIn, however, comes at social media with a concentration on professionalism, which is why so many companies implement it on a global level. LinkedIn gives it’s users a chance to provide insight into their personal lives while keeping the focus on business opportunities.

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is about to change the game, and offer an opportunity for a marketing boost to every individual and business that uses it. We present to you, LinkedIn Stories.

The Basics of LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories don’t differ much from features such as Facebook or Instagram stories. They give a brief glimpse into the lives of those who participate, by allowing stories to run for 24 hours. Users can post a photo or a video; it’s up to them regarding how they want to communicate with their connections.

If you’ve got access to the feature (currently the United States and Canada), you should be able to see the bar that runs along the top of your main feed. You can click on the stories you want to see, and when you create a story, you can choose to jazz it up with stickers or text.

If you’re familiar with creating stories on other platforms, you’ll be able to quickly implement LinkedIn stories, whether it be for you or your clients.

The Digital Marketing Goals Behind LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn rolled out the story feature for a reason; to allow companies and other professionals to relate. When we first heard about LinkedIn coming out with a stories feature, we admit, we thought marketers might feel that it was a bit out of place on a platform built on sharing resumes and work experience.

While that may have been true ten years ago, currently, the world is craving connection. With research showing that stories are increasing in popularity across the other social platforms that feature them, LinkedIn is missing out on a substantial demographic by not featuring stories.

Of course, stories shouldn’t wholly replace LinkedIn posts, but it gives those looking to network the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience and diversify content. LinkedIn stories should be utilized with a natural approach, allowing connections to see the person behind the brand if you will.

The Digital Marketing Goals Behind LinkedIn Stories

A Vision that Differs from Other Social Platforms

While using LinkedIn stories may be a similar process to that of other social media sites, the vision behind the feature launch differs substantially. LinkedIn isn’t here to encourage its users to post Saturday night selfies and a constant flow of cat photos, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Instead, LinkedIn’s visual goal is to have users focus on sharing content that pertains to the workplace, only on a bit more of a personal level. This type of content could be moments from work events or tips to work smarter from home.

Since many people are currently working from home, there isn’t a better time to roll out such a focus on LinkedIn. Here are a few examples of possible LinkedIn story content:

·   Offer a new product sneak-peek

·   Share photos from a work event, even it was virtual

·   Create relevant graphics

·   Post a video that shares professional insight

·   Share tricks that you’ve learned to increase productivity

·   Pet photos are not off-limits, don’t overdo it

So, while users won’t want to overshare on LinkedIn stories, there is still plenty of appropriate content to post.

Incorporating LinkedIn Stories into Your Current DM Plan

Digital marketers are accustomed to new features and changing algorithms throwing regular wrenches into their digital marketing strategies and plans. Sometimes the change of direction is incredibly tricky, and other times it comes easily and adds fantastic depth to the marketing plan already in place.

LinkedIn Stories is one of the easy wrenches. When professionally and adequately utilized, social media managers and businesses will be able to broaden their brand reach on LinkedIn, creating more connections, and thereby driving the possibility of more conversions resulting in sales.

Hand Out Professional Tips

LinkedIn Stories came to light to encourage users to expand the way they share content. Creating short videos that provide industry insight, resume advice from HR, or even your morning organizational routine will give you a great reach with a personable approach that grabs attention.

Hand Out Professional Tips

Hosting a Q&A Session

Ask your followers, in advance, to submit questions that you’ll answer on the LinkedIn Stories feature. Answering questions via video instead of text is much more personal and gives you connections a chance to see you as you are. Not to mention, it will show off the people behind your brand, providing your audience with the opportunity to put a face to the logo.

Event Updates

Sharing event updates in real-time is a neat way to pull in viewers, and because stories are a 24-hour deal, they don’t require the polished perfection that comes with your typical professional social media post. From awards ceremonies to a day in the office, don’t be afraid to show your connections the way you work.

Announcements and News

LinkedIn Stories are an incredible way to share what’s going on with your brand. From breaking news to minor announcements addressing operations, you can successfully (and quickly) keep everyone in the loop.

A World of New Possibilities

LinkedIn Stories is opening the door to a world of new possibilities for businesses that so desperately want to put social media stories to use, while staying relevant, on topic and professional. Due to the higher level of expectation that naturally comes with a platform built on establishing network connections, LinkedIn Stories is combining the best of unstructured social media with the workplace.

By allowing the best of both worlds to come together, digital marketing agencies and social media managers have the potential to bring their strategies to the next level. Put LinkedIn Stories into action today, and get ahead of the competition.


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