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Paul Medina

September 8, 2020


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How Early Should You Start Preparing Your Holiday Ad Campaigns?

Holiday ad campaigns are a fantastic way for small to mid-sized businesses to earn massive revenues over a relatively short period of time. A successful holiday campaign is sure to bring in large profits, as it’s this time of year that most companies, large and small, see the most business.

However, an unsuccessful holiday campaign can cause a significant loss in return on investment, if not executed properly. To achieve the progress that you’d expect regarding a holiday ad campaign; all businesses must plan out the details accordingly.

Define a Realistic Timeline for Your Ad Campaign

At least four to five months in advance, you should be creating a timeline for your ad campaign that is realistic to your business goals. Many businesses start planning even earlier in the year, during April and May. You want to have an edge up on the competition but do so within your means.

Sitting down and establishing a timeline is the best way to do this because you’re putting ideas out of your head and onto paper. Planning this far ahead ensures that your ad campaign timeline is essentially error-free, and prepared to go off without a hitch.

Define a Realistic Timeline for Your Ad Campaign

Know What to Promote

In the early stages of planning your holiday campaign (four months before launching), decide which products or services you want to promote. Most businesses have particular items that receive a lot of attention.

Since demand grows during the holiday season, it’s essential to figure out what things are on your customer’s wish lists before they begin to shop for the holidays. Once you’ve established this, you can build your campaign around your current and projected best-sellers.

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Analyze Your Campaigns for Holiday Seasons Past

Ad campaigns from the previous years will tell you what you need to know when you’re planning for this one. You need to know which of your ads from the past performed well, and which platforms they were the most successful.

Break your sales down to the time of year they were the biggest. Perhaps you had your best day sales-wise on Black Friday, or maybe it was Cyber Monday. Either way, you can tailor your ads down to the day, targeting specific demographics and dates, including bolstering them during slower times according to the data from previous years.

Take the Time to Maintain Your Email List

After you’ve nailed down what products your business will feature in your ad campaign, it’s time to give your email list a little attention. Through the year, all business experience non-responsive clients on their email lists. You’ll want to clear out any irrelevant email contacts about three months before your holiday campaign launches.

Your point-of-sale or marketing applications will be able to reveal to you which customers respond and engage, and which ones don’t open the emails you’ve sent. When you target the correct customers, you can gauge the success of your holiday campaign before it launches, prevent spam reporting from those who aren’t interested and encourage consumer interaction with special offers.

Create Exclusive Holiday Offers

Two months before your campaign officially begins, let your client list know about holiday offers that they can expect in the coming weeks. For many people, holiday shopping is more stressful than enjoyable.

Convey to your clients that you can help with that. When they know your intentions in advance, they can plan, budget, and prepare to purchase what you’re offering. Make your campaign as holiday-oriented as possible. They’ll feel your excitement and want to partake.

Embrace the Holiday Season as a Whole

Embrace the Holiday Season as a Whole

Six to eight weeks before your campaign launch, start thinking about campaigns for targeted holidays.

Since the holidays do not begin and end with Christmas, you’ll want to include the entire season in your ad campaign. From Thanksgiving and Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and Hannukah, there is plenty to celebrate.

Don’t permit your business to miss out on those sales. Compile gift lists for your customers and send them out via email. Make them as specific as you’d like, and let them know which gifts will work best for particular people in their lives.

Constructing a gift list by price point, such as “Gifts Under $25”, is an incredible way to spark interest and engagement. Getting personal allows your clients to know you’re thinking of them. It makes them want to do business with you.

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Early Holiday Ad Prep Will Save Your Campaign

The holidays have a way of putting consumers in the mood to purchase. When the credit cards come out, utilize a well-thought-out ad campaign to make sure the numbers are punched into your check-out system.

Be ready, stay focused, and you’ll see the results you want.

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