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Paul Medina

December 7, 2020


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How to Create a Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaign

How to Create a Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaign That Converts

The correct use of social media marketing is an essential component of digital marketing. The social platforms that your target audience and customer base use frequently are a massive part of putting your business in direct contact with your desired market. After all, social media is where the people are, and due to convenience and the current state of global affairs, they’re spending more and more time using it.


The Importance of Social Media Marketing

When creating a digital marketing strategy, business owners and professionals must understand that, along with email marketing, having an effective social media strategy will assist with retargeting and remarketing campaigns, drawing your audience to you, and driving conversions. By ignoring social media marketing, especially around the holidays, you’re risking losing a considerable chunk of annual revenue.


Tell Your Story

Social media marketing allows you to tell your story to the masses, thereby connecting with them on a personal level. This social media aspect is particularly appealing to those who have never heard of or interacted with your business in the past. By marketing this way, you can tell your story in a way that makes them want to know more.


The Budget is Flexible

Regardless of the platform you choose to advertise, social media ads are incredibly easy to tailor to a budget. When you utilize social media marketing for your holiday campaign, and it’s correctly targeted and executed, you’re advertising for less with a typically generous reach, therefore maximizing your ROI.


Customizing Your Audiences

When you use social media for advertising, you can customize the audiences for your ad campaigns. By employing the information from your website analytics, you can tailor your ad set to those that need to see it most, as well as audiences that closely mimic them. It’s the perfect way to get your holiday ad campaign in front of your target clientele.


Creating a Successful Ad Campaign

Now that we’re clear on what social media can do for your business, it’s crucial to ensure a process before putting your strategy into action. Your holiday marketing campaign should be coherent and easily communicated to your target audience.


When the time comes, put your holiday campaign at the forefront of your marketing efforts. If you start planning months in advance, you’ll take off some of the pressure, and you won’t feel as overwhelmed as your launch approaches.


Set Campaign Goals

Setting goals for your holiday ad set begins in the very early stages of planning, months before your launch. Brainstorm about what goals you want your ad to achieve, the audience you want to cater to, and the details about that audience.


By the time you’re ready to roll out your campaign, you should know as much as possible about your target audience, including the social platforms they hang out on the most, and if they prefer to browse on a mobile or desktop device. Spoiler alert: it’s probably mobile.


Narrow your audience focus as much as possible. Remember, you’re likely going to run more than one ad, so don’t worry about excluding a particular demographic from one ad, if you’re going to target them in the next.


Outline a Campaign Strategy

You’ve set your goals, so now it’s time to create a strategy and put some tactics into play to reach those goals. Whatever you want your campaign to accomplish, from 1,000 new leads to $15,000 in charitable donations, establish some tactics as part of your strategy that will get you to those goals.


Come up with an offer, or a promotion, to offer your audience in your holiday ad campaigns. Like target audiences, you’ll also probably have more than one promotion throughout the holidays, as they extend from Black Friday to the new year. Whatever your strategy is, make sure that reaching your previously set goals is the result.


Put Together a Calendar

Every successful holiday ad campaign has a detail-oriented calendar behind it. Your entire team should have access to the holiday ad campaign calendar, as it’s crucial for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to consistent posts across different outlets. A calendar will be useful for your customer service team as well, as they can quickly reference sales and promotions if it’s readily available to them.


Begin Engaging Content Creation ASAP

The moment you decide to put a holiday campaign into action, you’ll want to begin brainstorming creative content ideas. From original video posts for your social media platforms to shareable blog posts, put together various pieces of content that add substance to your campaign.


You don’t want to repeat the same message over and over. Instead, coincide your promotions and exciting announcements with the information you share on your social channels. Give your audience plenty of chances to interact, and don’t forget to draw them in with incredible copy.


Ask them open-ended questions and respond to their answers on your posts, or give them the opportunity to win something if they like and share a post. If your content is fresh and relative to your campaign strategy, you’ll have no problem driving social engagement.


Go Big With Landing Pages

Most businesses put social media marketing into play because they want to draw visitors to their website. Landing pages will become your best friend during your holiday social media marketing campaign because they allow you to focus on one specific offer at a time.


Many of your shared posts should link back to a landing page that showcases the offer within the post. By driving traffic to the specific page you want your audience to see, you’ll be increasing conversions and sales exponentially.


The Perfect Holiday Campaign Execution

It’s rare for a marketing campaign to be without the occasional hiccup. Audiences may require tweaking and promotions could change at the last minute, but if you’ve got a strategy in place, your team will be able to take any variations in stride.


Begin your preparation as early as possible, follow your gut, and the information your analytics teams provide to you. Stay on top of customer service, and your social media holiday campaign will be a smash.

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