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Paul Medina

March 17, 2021


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How to Create a Landing Page in 3 Simple Steps

Landing pages are worth their weight in gold, primarily when they’re constructed and written correctly. Marketing teams are typically quite skilled at creating landing pages for clients, and if you find yourself with a tight budget, there are templates available that will assist you in building the perfect landing page. If you’re wondering what a landing page is and why they’re so critical to your advertising campaign, let us elaborate.

The Importance of Landing Pages

Landing pages are a dedicated page that you build on your website that highlights specific services or products you’re offering. Landing pages are rarely available in the navigation section of a website, as the information they hold is often reserved for click funnels and ad campaigns.

The idea behind a landing page is that the potential customer takes notice of your paid ad, whether it be on a search engine or social media platform, and they click on it. Whatever you’re advertising in the ad can be found on a landing page built specifically for that ad, and that’s where the user will land once they’ve clicked. Hence the term “landing page”.

When the consumer arrives at your landing page, it’s time to convince them to finish the sales process by adding your product to their cart and checking out. A fantastic, eye-catching, well-built landing page with a stellar call to action will absolutely fuel your sales and encourage your target audience to follow through and make a final decision.

Landing pages are part of a solid marketing strategy. They require a specific thought process and plenty of market research and design talent to create. At Click Squad, we have years of experience in building landing pages, and we’re more than happy to help you propel your business to the next level by utilising them.

Creating the Perfect Landing Page

Because landing pages are a huge part of your buyer’s journey, you want to ensure that they cater to your audience and aid in helping them down your sales funnel. If a potential client finds themselves on your landing page, it’s likely because they a super interested in what you have to offer if they haven’t decided to purchase it already.

Your landing page should tell them exactly what they’re getting and how to finish their purchase. The design should be clean, simple, and on-brand, and the language encouraging yet straightforward. Here, we’ll discuss a few significant aspects of a really incredible, sales friendly landing page.

Map Out Your Design

Whether you use a template or a professional marketing team (we suggest the latter), you should have a good idea of what you want your page to look like design-wise and what you want it to say from a copywriting perspective. Your content should be original and remain on the subject with the advertising campaign that leads to your landing page.

Ensure that you’re not throwing a curveball at your clients. What they see in the ad, they should see on the landing page.

Know Your Goals

Before you head into any marketing campaign, you should know what you want to get out of it. Whether or not you’ve met your goals will be presented in your analytics, so make sure that you have everything in place to measure that data. When setting up your landing page with your marketing team, make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Share your goals and set an idea of what you’d like the landing page to accomplish. Are you looking for a spike in sales or more leads? Whatever your goals, they should be clearly reflected on your landing page.

Fantastic Copywriting

Each piece of content on your website needs a fantastic copywriter, and your landing pages are no exception. If your copy isn’t eye-catching and to the point, you run the risk of boring your reader. If your copy is unclear, you might find that they become confused and leave your website.

Excellent copywriting is meant to inform, sell, and create emotion. Readers rarely want to gain new knowledge and insight from your landing page. They are there to read about what YOUR product and services can do for THEM. Hire a copywriter who understands that and can write in the brand voice of your preference.


Many landing pages these days have visuals that don’t make sense. They might be fashionable and stand out, but they don’t match the brand, or they don’t fit well on the page or with the copy. Visuals are essential in constructing a landing page because the internet is all about simple, aesthetically pleasing designs.

Your page has to have the perfect visual to text ratio, or you’re going to lose clients. Your visuals need to make sense, match your brand, and represent your product and services in the best light possible.

Your Call to Action

Landing pages are notorious for unique calls to action. This is your chance to get creative, but don’t mess around too much because your CTA is crucial. You’re essentially convincing your client to buy, and it’s not likely that you’ll get more than once chance. Make it snappy, and make it near impossible for them to say no.

Optimising Your Landing Pages

Your marketing team will take the reins to optimise your landing pages to coincide with your advertising campaign. Here are a few examples of effective landing pages:

·   Direct Appliance Rentals

·   Lyft

·   Codeacademy

If you’re lost on how to get started on building your landing page, these companies are a great place to draw inspiration from.

Let Click Squad Design Your Landing Page Today

Landing pages can make or break a business. They provide consumers with the guidance necessary to make their final purchase and feel confident in doing so. Click Squad has helped our clients build relevant, user-friendly landing pages since we began our marketing journey.

If you’re interested in talking to us regarding your website or advertising campaign, reach out today. We look forward to working with you!

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