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Paul Medina

December 12, 2019


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How to ensure your email marketing achieves results

Is email marketing headed towards the museum of digital marketing? It’s not! With 6 in 10 opening their inbox at the start of the day, it’ll be a while more before it is dethroned. Hence, you’ve got to keep it in your marketing toolbox. Read on to learn what email marketing can do for your business.

1. Attention grabber

The right subject header, the right opening paragraph as well as the right content means increasing your chances of grabbing attention. To some extent, it’s a captive audience. Add a dash of personalisation, and you’re on your way to engagement. To this end, consumers are less likely to close the shutters early in contrast to pop-up ads or other forms of social media engagement.

2. A wider reach

There are 3.81 billion email users, and growing, in this world. Of course, you’re targeting a tiny fraction of that. The fact is your target audience is likely to have one, if not more email addresses. Be where your target audience is.

3. The best platform to nurture prospects

With email automation, it’s easy to nurture prospects. Your campaign can mirror the buyer’s journey your target audience takes. So once set up, you will be nurturing prospects in your sleep! It’s like a salesperson working 24/7 for your business.

4. Monitor actions taken by customers

Following the above, you’ll be able to track what customers do with emails sent to them. With the insights gained, you’ll be able to identify what works or doesn’t work by experimenting with variables like subject header, opening paragraph or content. Sooner rather than later, you’ll be in a good position to create the perfect email campaign.

5. It’s mobile

Mobile connectivity is a fact of life. It has been reported that 7 in 10 will access the internet using their mobile devices. With 7 in 10 also opening their emails on their mobile devices, it’s a perfect union.

It’s a very noisy marketing environment out there. Gaining consumers’ attention is increasingly difficult. However, a well-designed email marketing campaign helps. Speak to us to learn how it can work.

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