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Paul Medina

November 20, 2019


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How to Gain from These Digital Marketing Trends

In 2017, TETRA PAK INDEX, a global study of the connected consumer, reported that over 3 in 5 of these consumers remain connected all day long. With the help of smart mobile devices, the connected consumer will be a force to be reckoned with in 2020. They give rise to digital marketing trends that will shape how marketing will be done. How can you gain from it?

1. Rise of conversational marketing

Marketers cannot ignore these facts:

i. 2 in 5 consumers expect a response within 5s
ii. Nearly 2 in 5 consumers expect a response within 5 minutes

People have grown accustomed to instant gratification. Communication tools like WhatsApp and Instagram marketing have made marketing a dialogue. The engagement has evolved from customization to personalization to conversational.

In designing your conversational marketing strategy, it is important the “human-ness” of it prevails. With voice technology getting better, this is possible. To this end, mapping out your customer journey is a critical step.

2. The rise of community marketing

Today, people are enjoying unprecedented access to trends, opinions and attitudes. While community marketing isn’t new, their ability to shape outcomes is. Just look at the impact #metoo made.

To gain from this trend, businesses should take the lead in facilitating the coming together of like-minded customers. Enable them to share experiences and knowledge, pose questions and build virtual relationships, like pen pals of the past. Your business transforms from being just a profit-making body to one where like mind consumers come together. To this end, Body Shop was a frontrunner with its focus on saving the environment and human rights of the marginalized.

3. AI and machine learning in insights

Massive amounts of data can be a boon and bane. Unfortunately, marketing without them is driving blind. Enter AI and machine learning! Organizing, lead scoring and suggesting outcomes are amongst the activities that will become more manageable. They can be done efficiently and effectively too.

In 2020, digital marketing is headed towards exciting times. The marketing possibilities are limited only by your imagination. To unleash them, connect with us today!


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