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Paul Medina

November 13, 2019


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How to Maximise Your Online Audience

Online advertising is more important now than it’s ever been. As we continue on through the generations, fewer and fewer customers are watching television or reading magazines, so it is important to be on top of your online advertising. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as making sure your Facebook page is up and running, you need to know how to reach every potential customer.

How to grow your audience?

Search engine optimisation is an excellent starting point. By ensuring you use keywords in anything you post online you will become more visible to those who are looking for your product. However, this will only bring in business from clients who are already looking for you.

Social media marketing is paramount when trying to increase your client base. By appearing to those who have previously shown interest in companies similar to yours, you may be bringing in all new customers- those who didn’t realize they needed your services until they saw your advert.

Now you have a few more eyes on your company, but how can you tell whether or not your advertising is getting any traction? It is extremely important to monitor your digital analytics. This essentially means knowing how many people are clicking on your advert, opening your emails and visiting your website. Not just how many, but what kind of people. You need to understand your customer traffic before you can aim for new demographics. Your preferred demographic will very much depend on the type of business you are trying to advertise. For older clients, you may want to focus on Facebook ads and Google ads. For younger demographics, focus on more current forms of social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

By using quantitative and qualitative data we can monitor your audience and ensure that your adverts are reaching your preferred target audience. At Click Squad we make an effort to fully understand your business, monitor all marketing data related to your campaign and will consistently track your data to ensure the best results.

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