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Paul Medina

December 13, 2020


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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Tap Into in 2021

Digital marketing is forever evolving, and digital marketers and business owners must stay on top of which trends they should be tapping into to keep conversion rates high. The marketing game is a tough one, and those that fall behind on current inclinations will find that they are also falling behind the competition.


Luckily, 2021 isn’t looking much different from 2020, at least from a marketing perspective. However, executing each trend with targeted precision is necessary, as more and more businesses take to the internet to make sales and increase their revenue.


By encompassing and including the following trends, you can get a jump on your competition and start detailing your 2021 marketing calendar.


The Value of Voice Search

While Google has not officially made voice search part of their algorithm, it certainly has a significant effect on what results show up within their pages. So often, voice searches bring up different results than those that come up in a straightforward text search.


When it comes to combining search engine optimisation and voice searches, every digital marketer should be on their toes regarding voice search components. This includes the phrases typically used when searching for a particular product or service. With voice search SEO, research is your best friend.


Many consumers are adapting to the voice search medium. Voice search experts maintain that optimising content specifically for voice searches is a must. Direct and conversational keywords and phrases will begin to change the face of SEO as it is currently.


When business owners and digital marketing teams go above and beyond to establish voice search SEO to sync with search queries, they’ll organically boost traffic by remaining relevant to consumer searches. Typically, the outcome of achieving SEO relevancy is increased visibility and a jump in website traffic.


Influential Online Reviews

Online reviews are incredibly influential and an essential component of an online presence for every brand. Specifically, a positively charged online review base will provide a key advantage over competitors, and if we can be blunt, social proof drives purchases.


Humans are more likely to purchase something, whether it be product or service, that someone else has bought that ended in a good experience. You can bring in online reviews by asking your customers to write them, and offering a discount on their next order in exchange for their participation.


There are many ways to ask customers to write a review, and each addition will help your brand gain visibility while appearing trustworthy. Online reviews aid in the consumer decision process and have a clear impact on sales.


Online reviews also provide an open line to customers, and whether they be good or bad, they allow you to communicate your gratitude and fix whatever issues may arise. You’ll expand the conversation regarding your business while connecting with your client base.


Verifying Your Website with Google Search Console

Google search console is imperative to your business, whether done manually or through a WordPress plug-in. When your site is verified through Google, you’ll have the knowledge you need to understand how visitors interact with your website, allowing you to make changes and better optimise your performance in search engines.


When verifying your business in Google, you’ll have more control over the information presented in the knowledge panel shown to consumers, as well as make changes to the featured image. Verifying is a simple process, and can be done by mail or digitally.


Having control over crawling issues, sitemap errors, and the way your website presents itself in search results is a fantastic route to take to gain aspects of SEO that you can potentially have more control over. Access to detailed site reports and increasing security are aspects of Google verification that every marketer should have power over.


PPC Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketers must realise that there are far too many platforms available to run pay per click (PPC) ads than there is time to manage each of them individually. Thankfully, those who reign over internet advertising and SEO implementation have brought PPC automation and artificial intelligence to the forefront of managing such campaigns on various platforms.


Implementing PPC automation into your current workflow will help you, or the websites you manage, effortlessly bid on keywords. You can optimise copy based on data feeds and provide access to the insights you need to market efficiently when you need them.


Getting started with PPC automation can be a bit overwhelming at first, but there’s no harm in trying it out, either with your own website or with a client or two. Many businesses will benefit from the implementation of PPC automation right away, depending on their location on the business front.


For example, businesses with an abundance of products to sell with plenty of ad campaigns across different platforms will benefit from putting PPC automation into action as soon as you see fit. Also, marketers will need to consider the size of the advertising budget.


To use PPC automation correctly, businesses should run trial and error to ensure that the digital marketing team has worked out the kinks. The process will take time, but it’s well worth understanding how to employ it.


Remember, automation doesn’t mean ignoring. Always pay close attention to ad campaigns, reassessing, retargeting, and remarketing as necessary.


The Importance of Digital Marketing in 2021

As long as there is the internet, businesses will have to successfully appropriate digital marketing trends to remain relevant and prosperous online. Simply put, there’s no way around it.


Content marketing is the key to success, but the ways in which we market that content are evolving consistently. The quality of the content we put out will always matter, no matter what marketing avenue you’re using to employ them. From voice searches to writing up PPS ads, your copy and your content matter.


Adhering to digital marketing trends will keep your business at the forefront of your industry from an online approach. The year 2021 may not be ushering in any trends that are unheard of, but the correct implementation of them can change the course of your website success.

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