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Paul Medina

December 22, 2020


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Paid Search Strategies to Get You Through Covid

The odds that your competitors are using paid search strategies are high. Today, most businesses, large and small, that aim to have a prominent online presence utilise pay per click ads and other forms of paid search strategies.


There is no shame in paying search engines to push your business to the forefront of your industry’s search results. In fact, these days, it’s expected to stay relevant.


Paid Strategies Compliment SEO Efforts

Paid search engine strategies tend to boast relatively fast results. It’s a way to drive more traffic to your website rather than relying solely upon organic traffic, which can be inconsistent and sometimes, nonexistent.


Search engine optimisation efforts are always significant, but optimising your ad campaign and implementing paid search strategies is just as crucial. A strategic PPC plan will help you raise your return on investment and get you the traffic in which you’ve been waiting.


Essential Paid Strategies for Struggling Businesses

If your business is struggling, then you want results, and you want them quickly. Paid searches are lovely for this because you can set your budget to bid on your desired keyword. The less mainstream your keyword, the less you’ll pay per click.


Quick results are the only perk that paid searches offer. There are plenty of ways paid search strategies can assist a struggling business, creating a plan for the immediate future.


Generating Leads

One of the most essential pieces to the digital marketing puzzle is establishing a dependable method of lead collection. The pandemic has stalled the influx of sales for many businesses, and with it, leads.


However, just because people aren’t finding their way to your contact form landing page on their own, doesn’t mean you can’t create a PPC ad around it. Using PPC ads to collect leads is currently more popular than ever.


Not to mention, the leads that land on your site from your targeted PPC ad will be incredibly relevant to your niche. These suitable leads will up the chances of a sale considerably.


Targeted ads drive qualified traffic.


Lack of Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is crucial, and if your business is struggling with establishing that recognition, now is the time. People buy from brands they know, so give them the consistency in which they can identify.


Your brand awareness results won’t come as quickly as the traffic to your website from PPC ads, but over time, it will improve drastically. For example, not every user is going to click on your ad when it pops up in their search results.


The more they search for those industry-specific keywords, the more they’ll see your ad, link, website, and brand name. This somewhat subconscious repetition is a great way to build your brand and lead to sales with consistency.


Missing Local Exposure

Businesses that have a brick and mortar location, even if their online presence is substantial, need to take advantage of local exposure at every turn. When you have the support of your community, which you can gain quickly through locally targeted paid search strategies, you’re acquiring the advantage of word of mouth as well.


You want buyers to walk through your doors as much as you want them to sign up to receive your weekly newsletter. Every prospect holds the potential for a sale. Don’t ignore the power paid search strategies, a little SEO, and your local audience.


Failing to Measure Results

Every business has to monitor results from advertising efforts, and this includes paid search strategies. When you neglect to keep updated tabs on your analytics, or requesting that your marketing team do so, you are missing out on the changes you should be employing to make your ad campaign more appealing.


Ad results and website analytics will tell you so much about your audience, including what they want to see, hear, and buy. One of the best things about PPC ads, especially with Google or Facebook, is the fact that you can see who is clicking on your ad, as well as the users that aren’t interested.


When you have this knowledge, you have the power to market your business to the people that will buy from you, whether you offer a product or specialised services. Your ad results genuinely hold the key to driving your business forward, through this pandemic and beyond.


A Modest Advertising Budget

Many businesses, especially amid a global shutdown, are finding themselves a bit short regarding their advertising budgets. Though it may not seem like it, given you’re paying per click, PPC advertising is budget-friendly when executed correctly.


Given the ability to directly target your desired audience through paid search strategies, you can create an extremely affordable advertising campaign. You can set budget caps as well, which will inform search engines as to when you’re done spending money for the month. This cap feature, offered by almost every paid search outlet, is a fantastic way to keep your advertising expenditure under control.


Sticking with Your Paid Search Strategies

Given the current state of the world, it is more important now than it has ever been for small businesses to stick to their PPC and digital marketing efforts. Even with slashed budgets and fewer team members, paid search strategies will keep your business afloat, and in some cases, propel it forward at an exponential rate.


There are more people shopping, working, and learning online than there has ever been in the history of the internet. Click through rates are through the roof, and there has been a significant decrease in competition across many industries, both service and retail.


While the current state of affairs may appear bleak, you cannot feasibly let go of your marketing efforts and expect to see results. You can, however, adjust your digital marketing strategy to focus on paid search ads and search engine optimisation.


PPC ads are specifically targeted marketing pieces that allow you to spend as much or as little as you like. By choosing your audience based on information from your website analytics, you’re putting yourself in front of the people most likely to purchase from you, driving sales and paving a smooth road to success.

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