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Paul Medina

October 11, 2019


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Using Email Marketing that is Crisp and Attractive

When business executives receive direct mail marketing communications, it’s not unknown for them to sit over a wastebasket. As they open any piece, their goal might not actually be to file it there as quickly as possible. But, often, that’s the outcome.

The email finger of fate

You might ask what a direct mail response such as that has to do with email marketing. Instead of a wastebasket, imagine instead a finger poised over a delete button. So many emails, so little time to spend reading them!

Delivering crisp and attractive email messages

To avoid the above fate, your emails need to attract instant attention to even be opened. When you’ve achieved that, they need to quickly appear both welcoming and easy-to-read.

To achieve the first of these goals, your subject line needs to be irresistible to the recipient. In a few words, you should speak directly to them. This might be about their needs or desires, or recognisable situations or difficulties. The expression WIIFM stands for, ‘What’s In It For Me?. Unless you instantly supply an answer to that, your chance may be lost.

Once your email is opened

The reader will now assess the ‘picture’ in front of them of your complete email. This is often a sub-conscious action. It should instantly look clean, crisp and attractive – thus providing an easy read.

This impression is achieved through the use of short sentences and paragraphs, plus sub-headings where appropriate. You might also break up key content by the use of easily digestible bullet points.

Images should only be used sparingly, if at all – appreciate that some email providers may block them. The recipient is then expected to decide whether to risk opening an image – and often they won’t.

A clear-cut ending

If you have enjoyed a TV drama, you may still find the ending is unclear or confusing. This leaves you exasperated, often feeling your time has been wasted.

To complete your email marketing message, don’t be afraid to make it crystal clear exactly what action you are asking the reader to take. Then show how easy it is for them to do so.

So much more to effective email marketing

Of course, the above only highlights a few of the many aspects vital to the success of email marketing activities. Our Click Squad team is passionate about optimising segmented and targeted email marketing campaigns. Call us now on 1300 306 780 for an obligation-free discussion about your needs in this key business area.

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