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Paul Medina

September 26, 2022


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What happened to agency customer service?

When clients share clear and concise requests with agencies, why are agencies so often unable to respond in a timely and professional manner? When a client’s needs are ignored for so long, they finally erupt in a banging cloud of disappointment and frustration, and ultimately the client leaves the agency. Sometimes it appears as if the basic human emotion of empathy has disappeared, but where has it gone?

Seeing the world from someone else’s perspective has become a lost art. When agencies fail to connect with the clients they are meant to serve, ego clashes inevitably occur.

It is our responsibility as agencies to control our own egos so that we can fully absorb clients. In fact, it is our job to remove our egos from the equation because removing them is an essential part of the job. How else can we agencies provide them with the service their business truly needs if we don’t put ourselves in their shoes and adopt their ego, perspective, and business needs?

Our ability to truly understand our clients’ needs is directly related to the empathy we apply to their situations. What do they need, how do they want it delivered, and how much do they want to pay? Why would we deviate from any of these and provide them with something that is outside of their expectations or budget? We would only set ourselves up for failure by going down this route.

Some agencies out there will say that it is the client’s responsibility to tell us if they are not interested in the service they are being offered – this is absolute garbage. The world is still full of manners, and a client would rather smile and email you later saying you are fired instead of telling you face-to-face that your offering isn’t for them.

To provide the best service to our clients, we must be connected on this level. In our experience, we have managed some of the most high-end clients you could ever imagine. We have delivered on all counts, including people who understand what service means. You can see how satisfied and appreciated a smaller or medium-sized client feels when we provide them with that same level of service. They watch their certainty and confidence in choosing us grow, time and time again, by good decisions that keep happening.

The level of customer service we provide is simple. The success of our clients directly affects our own. There is both a technical side of the business and a service side, and the latter is usually ignored until a client can no longer take it. Our clients are impressed with our vision to provide the best service possible, and their trust in us only grows as a result.

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