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Paul Medina

October 7, 2019


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What’s the key word in ‘social media marketing’?

It’s not a trick question, so here’s the answer. Social. Surprised? Well, of course, marketing is the activity, one that drives business to your door. That’s also true of many different advertising and promotional actions. But we reckon that social media is different.

How so?

Because it’s interactive rather than simply reactive. With other forms of advertising, a prospect is exposed to a message. It is then hoped that they will take the appropriate buying or contact-making action. Social media can ask them to do so many other things. It can invite an easy sharing of the content with others who may be interested. But it also invites a level and type of involved response that other activities, such as print ads, don’t.

The key is to avoid being anti-social media

There are several ways a business or organisation can fall into such a trap. One is with the content used. You’ll often see postings, in places such as Twitter or Facebook, which are more self-congratulatory than information-providing. The copy will talk about how good a business thinks it is, or simply describe its products and services. Effective content should allow a potential customer to appreciate what they can do for them – the benefits gained or problems solved. Otherwise, it’s about as rewarding as standing next to a stranger at a party who does nothing but talk about themselves!

Another way of being seen as anti-social is in being either non-responsive or negative. Take Facebook: a posting there by a company might lead to a raft of responses. Effective social media actions then involves the company in responding – not necessarily to every single post – but by showing that they are ‘listening’. And not just for the positive comments; responding to complaints or negative statements can show that company in a good light. Surveys have often shown that businesses who respond to, and fix, problems become more highly thought of.

Finally, another – usually inadvertent – anti-social activity is to talk above the audience. This can often involve the overuse of jargon or specific and highly-technical language. It’s fully understood by those working in the business, but an off-putting foreign language to those who are ‘just’ customers.

Making the most of your social media opportunities

Our Click Squad team are passionate about making the most of your social media and other digital marketing opportunities. For an obligation-free discussion of the possibilities, simply call us now on 1300 306 780…

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