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Paul Medina

January 7, 2021


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Why Online Advertising Will Be More Important Than Ever in 2021

Why Online Advertising Will Be More Important Than Ever in 2021

Online advertising has officially become an essential piece of business ownership. You cannot successfully create an online presence or establish a brand without knowing the ropes of digital marketing and setting up an effective online ad set for your company.

The ongoing pandemic crisis has brought the importance of online advertising to the forefront of many digital marketing strategies. While the pandemic may be the current driving factor for companies to seek competent online advertising strategies in 2021, the desire for a fantastic digital marketing campaign has been on the rise from businesses of all sizes for quite some time.

Why Online Advertising Will Be More Important Than Ever in 2021

Understanding Your Digital Presence

Without question, every business that expects to conduct daily operations online should embrace a digital presence. Online advertising will prove itself crucial to companies’ ability to succeed in the years to come, not only because of the pandemic, but because people are irrevocably doing more online.

Having a dedicated digital presence is so much more than just an advertising campaign, and it will differ significantly from company to company. With that said, all companies can benefit from some online advertising campaign, no matter the specific industry.

Standard Outlets for Online Advertising

Most businesses have at least a couple of the following outlets in place as we head into a new year. In 2021, it’s imperative to have almost all of them in place and regularly update them. These include:

●      Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok (or all of them)

●      A mobile-friendly website

●      High-quality blog and website content

●      Pay-per-click advertising

●      Online consumer reviews

●      My business listings (Google Business, Yelp)

Take the restaurant business into consideration. In the spring of 2020, we saw hundreds of thousands of restaurants close down, and switch their primary method of getting food to consumers to takeout only. If they weren’t partaking in routine online advertising (whether it be paid or organic) or failed to have a strong digital presence in place, they were left behind and closed for good.  

Executing Online Advertising in 2021

We’ve established that you can’t escape online advertising. Implementing your digital marketing strategy is a massive part of how businesses will run moving forward, and in short, a limited presence is better than none at all.

The first step is to hire a reputable digital marketing team and get started. Identify the platform that will give you the most growth, start there, and then branch out.

Perhaps you begin with updating your website or strengthening your search engine optimisation campaign. If you’re local and have a heavy reliance on walk-in business and local searches, you’ll want to make sure that your business directory listings are up to date and informative.

Understand Your Demographics

In 2021, if your business doesn’t have an online advertising strategy in mind, you’ll likely fall behind your competitors very quickly. Before you jump in headfirst to your ad campaign, ensure that you have a firm grasp on the demographic you serve.

When launching your advertising campaign, whether it be search engine focused or on a social media platform, you’ll want to begin by targeting that demographic. You can’t bring in business on a local or national level if the people that need your product or service don’t know that your business exists.

Stay savvy to what your audience is searching for online. Ensure that they can find you and never underestimate the steps your competitors are taking in their respective advertising campaigns.

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Insights from Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Your online advertising campaign will give you insights into your website’s performance, providing you with the fundamental knowledge you need to stay aggressive in a crowded online market.

Brand Awareness

Online advertising is required to build brand awareness, driving traffic to your site and targeting ad campaigns to reach the perfect audience. A correctly targeted search engine optimisation strategy is imperative to your digital success.

Pairing an online advertising campaign with engaging media, such as images and informative video, will get consumers (both current and potential) about who you are, what you represent, and what you’ve got to offer. Brand awareness integrated into your campaign will

allow you to focus on your idea demographic and improve engagement.

Advertising Flexibility

One of the best parts of online advertising campaigns is the amount of flexibility they offer. You can tailor your ads, periodically changing them up to better suit them to your desired audience.

If something isn’t working, you or your digital marketing team can log into your account on your platform of choice and fix it. You can easily tailor budgets to how much you feel comfortable spending, and even pause it as necessary.

With online advertising, you can anticipate customers needs and tweak ad sets without anyone noticing. Whether you want to change one word or use a different image, it can be done quickly, quietly, and without pulling the ad as a whole. This type of efficiency is essential in a 2021 campaign.

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Metrics and Analytics

The success of online advertising rests on the information companies can receive from the metrics and analytics provided by ad campaign platforms and metrics dashboards. You can quite literally control the success of your ad campaign by measuring consumer response and acting accordingly.

Not to mention, your online advertising campaign will let you know how many people are visiting your site and the avenues they’re using to get there. You’ll know bounce rates, click-through rates, video view percentages, and have instant access to which ads are converting your demographic.

Online advertising is more important than ever in 2021 because you cannot be without the crucial information these ad sets will provide.

Online Ads are Here to Stay

Online advertising has been steadily gaining traction over the last decade, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As the world takes to the internet to accomplish everything from ordering groceries to healthcare appointments, you’ve got the chance to broaden your audience and take your business to the next level.

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