Mobile SEO

In mobile optimisation, the experience for mobile visitors is adapted to their devices, as well as the site design, the site structure, the page speed, and more to ensure a positive mobile user experience.

Mobile is becoming an increasingly important part of internet searches. This is why Click Squad provides mobile SEO services that can boost your traffic and grow your business.

Although SEO optimisation for mobiles is similar to SEO optimisation for desktop browsers, there are a few extra steps we take to make you stand out. Using a mobile-friendly design and development team, our SEO specialists and web designers work together to optimise your mobile site.

Google ranks websites according to their loading speed. The team at Click Squad will do a thorough analysis of your site loading speed on mobile devices, as well as several other factors, to ensure you are meeting all compliance requirements and delivering a positive user experience to your visitors.

User experience (also known as UX) is vital not just because it is a key ranking factor for Google, but because it dictates how easy your site is to navigate by your potential customers. Users will spend more time on your site if the user experience is good, which will give you more opportunities to encourage some kind of conversion.

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