Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Ads

You can be absolutely sure your audience will use Google. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Consultants at Click Squad help create a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that gets your message to your target audience.

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Enhance your ad displays with search retargeting. This promotes ads, based on users’ keyword search history, while they browse the web.

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Google Display

Captivate the right audience and find customers for your business using targeted Google Display Ads. At ClickSquad, we create attention-grabbing Display Ads that are placed at the right locations.

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Google Shopping

Online shopping is more popular than ever before and this trend is not about to change. To keep up with their competitors, businesses need to make the most of Google Shopping to highlight their products and generate more sales.

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Bing Ads

Many businesses don't regard the Bing search engine as important, given the global reach of its main competitor Google. Google is not the default search engine for everyone, contrary to popular belief.

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Programmatic Advertising

If you're looking for an easy way to advertise your company online, programatic advertising is the most modern and innovative solution for promoting your goods and services.

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Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing helps you reach the right audience with captivating marketing messages that are personalised to your brand. Enjoy fully automated marketing campaigns that are released in real-time to reach your customers.

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