Enhance your ad displays with search retargeting. This promotes ads, based on users’ keyword search history, while they browse the web. When you work with us to begin a retargeting campaign, we’ll establish the most SEO-optimised keywords and then ensure your ads are seen by users who are searching for those keywords.

Unlike alternative paid search advertising methods, retargeting uses user intent to connect with prospective clients. They may not have heard of your business, but they’ve shown interest in the things that you offer and may now be interested in you with the right ad targeting. This is an upper-funnel marketing strategy.

We also specialise in site retargeting. This involves targeting ads to users who have visited your page in the past but left without completing a purchase. Unlike search retargeting, this method utilises an existing familiarity with your brand and business.

Because of this familiarity, users are much more likely to revisit a website and the ROI is exceptionally high when it comes to site retargeting. This is a lower-funnel marketing method. Our more basic campaigns will involve remarketing a product or service left in the users’ basket while a more complex campaign would offer dynamic personalisation in ads that auto-tailors to user preference.

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