SEO Audits

Since Google releases hundreds of algorithm updates each year, it is imperative that you regularly check the status of your on-page SEO to ensure that it complies with the latest standards.

For the specific keywords your customers use to find your services and products, the best search engine optimization will ensure that your website appears on page one of Google.

Some websites have technical problems, such as slow page loading speed or broken internal links, which seriously hamper SEO. Business owners who have these types of problems are often unaware they have them. An SEO audit is crucial because it's a quick and free way to identify SEO problems.

SEO is an ongoing activity that hardly stops since there are competitors in your niche, and you do not wish for your competitors to overtake your search engine ranking. We offer you comprehensive SEO auditing strategies based on both automatic and manual analysis.

In addition to helping your website to rank better online, the audit report also saves your business money in the long run.

The SEO experts at Click Squad will run an automatic and manual test and provide recommendations on what needs to be fixed and how your existing situation can be improved. Every audit is accompanied by an action plan tailored to the needs of your business.

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