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Paul Medina

November 10, 2020


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How Covid Changed Customer Behaviour, Capitalize With SEO

Optimizing your search engine ranking has always been crucial to making an online presence for your business, and thriving on a platform that remains oversaturated in almost every industry. Correct implementation of SEO isn’t easy. If it were, there wouldn’t be a booming field of work built on professionals that provide optimization services, with the goal of more organic traffic and a higher rank in search engines.

With the current state of the world, search engine optimization is more critical than it has ever been. There are emerging user behaviour patterns that are significantly affecting the importance of ensuring that your business has a presence online, and SEO is vital to it.

Demand for Online Services Changed Overnight

It’s been clear from the first time stay-at-home orders, and nationwide lockdowns went into effect, that internet usage was going to increase due to everyone spending most of their time in their homes. Online shopping for both products and services has increased significantly over the last six to seven months, with little to no end in sight.

Even as shelter-in-place orders lift, most people are wary of public places, choosing to shop online or favouring orders for in-store pickups. Seemingly overnight, the demand for online services soared, and there were plenty of businesses left in the wake.

Now, more than ever, consumers are ready to buy, but it’s up to you and your digital marketing team to help them find you, and convince them that your product is something they need, especially right now.

The right SEO strategy will allow your business to thrive in a time of closures and financial hardship. Understanding your demographic, as well as the purchase behaviour of consumers, will assist you in strengthening your SEO strategy to adapt to the times.

Demand for Online Services Changed Overnight

Shopping Behaviours Vary Between Men and Women

You may not be surprised to hear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a different effect on men and women when it comes to their online shopping patterns. While generational differences affect the way that people shop online, according to Forbes, gender plays a large role as well.

Women are more likely to express concern over their health under the pandemic. Still, it’s men that are more likely to avoid shopping in public, turning to online options, grocery delivery, and curbside pickup.

When armed with information like this, you can begin to modify your SEO strategy to fit the demand of your demographic, while reaching for new customers that are just now taking to a primarily online shopping experience. Great SEO takes a comprehensive understanding of which consumers are out there and what they’re typing into their search bars.

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Upticks in Ecommerce Industries

Experts state that social distancing is one of the most efficient ways to stop the spread of COVID-19, causing consumers to turn to the internet for help. There are plenty of industries that have seen an uptick in sales since March, including grocery, medical services, baby supplies, and cleaning products.

People are changing the way they live, from making doctor’s appointments online to teaching their kids at home. The way this pandemic is directly affecting their lives is going to show in the way that they conduct their internet searches to meet the new needs their situation has created. They will make new priorities around what they decide to purchase.

This decision-making process is influenced by the keywords and phrases that your marketing team will work into your search engine optimization strategy. However, you must make sure to research consumer trends as they change and alter your design accordingly and consistently.

Never be afraid to switch it up when it comes to SEO. So often, businesses owners discover a whole new market of consumers when they put in the time to do the research and implement said research into their existing SEO plan.

The Boom of Subscription and Convenience Services

The spread of COVID-19 is causing a justified fear of being in crowds. Because of this, subscription and convenience services are exploding. If your business or service has the potential to offer membership and subscription options, now is the time to launch.

Consumers are at a point where they want products on hand and delivered to their door. Not only can they avoid pandemic crowds, but it’s one less item they’ll have to worry about having stocked at home.

Subscriptions ranging from Dollar Shave Club, Bark Box, and Hello Fresh are among the most popular, serving the need for personal, pet, and food products. Knowing which businesses are taking it to the next level, and harbouring a full understanding of their demographic and what they offer, will help you fuel your pandemic friendly SEO strategy forward.

You don’t have to have the same product as the subscription companies experiencing growth in revenue and conversions; you have to find a common link.

The Boom of Subscription and Convenience Services

New Consumer Behaviour Patterns are Rooted in Adapting

No matter where you live in the world, we’re all trying to adapt. Everything has changed rapidly, from the way we learn to the way we hold company meetings and family gatherings. Consumers are attempting to meet their needs while retaining a glimpse of normalcy in their lives.

Products and services are constant, and very often, tied to emotion. If you’re changing your SEO strategy to run with the current global situation, your business will see success online.

Now is not the time to leave digital marketing behind. To stay relevant, you’ve got to make it a priority. Getting in front of your buyers is, and always has been half the battle.

Changing Your SEO Vision is Worth It

You don’t have to throw your entire SEO strategy out the window and start from scratch, but you do have to change it to meet the needs of your target demographic, even as those needs emerge based on a rapidly evolving situation that’s out of their control.

In a time of chaos, you have a chance to remain steady and thriving while assisting your customers and making their lives easier. They want your help, but you’ve got to alter your vision a bit. It’s more than worth the time.

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